How many miles should i walk my dog?*

*Please choose the most similar breed to your dog

Things to note:

– This is a general recommendation only
– Please take into account your dog’s health and fitness level
– Increase exercise slowly
– Please check with your vet if you have any health concerns
– Avoid exercising your dog when it is hot

Whether your dog is a junior, adult or senior, we all know the great feeling you and your pooch get from being active together. That is why we put together the “How many miles” calculator above, to help guide you on how much exercise your dog should be getting.

Top reasons for keeping your more Senior pet pal active.

Whilst we always recommend double checking with your vet when exercising your senior pet pal, here are the 4 major benefits your golden oldie will feel from continuing to be active.

5 things to consider when beginning to exercise your puppy or very “junior” pooch

In all the excitement of getting a puppy it can be very easy to want to get out there and experience the outdoors with them