Lintbells’ Curious About Cats Campaign

We’ve always known it. Cat owners are not curious enough about the habits of their feline friends and often don’t realise that small behavioural changes can signal big alterations in health status. We’ve launched our Curious about Cats campaign to try and change their perspective.

You told us that you think there is a need to support cat owners to enable them recognise the signs of illness in their pets and to encourage them to bring them to the practice for assessment. We agree, it’s a worrying issue.

Around 40% of cats, compared to only 15% of dogs are estimated to have not visited a vet in the last year* so we’ve launched our ‘Curious about Cats’ campaign.

There are some significant barriers. We are concerned that cat owners find it hard to identify the signs of illness in their pets, hesitate about presenting them for treatment and even tend to assume that cats are so self-sufficient that they have little need of treatment.** All of those factors have been identified in previous studies and there’s a real opportunity here to improve health and welfare.

The new campaign will provide tools to help you educate your cat owning clients about age related changes in particular.

What’s involved?

  • We are offering an hour’s free cat specific CPD, complete with certificates along with free lunch for your team whilst you learn! Including a quiz, with prizes and the chance to win a ‘stress busting’ cat hamper for your practice
  • After the workshop, we will equip you with the waiting room and social media marketing materials you will need to engage cat owners
  • We will support your practice in setting up cat specific clinics
  • You will also be given free mobility tracker packs to hand out to your cat owners so that they can easily assess their cats mobility from home

How do I get involved?

If the sounds of all this has you purring with satisfaction you can take part in ‘Curious about Cats’ by contacting your local Lintbells Veterinary Business Development Executive. To find out your  local Veterinary Business Development Executive click here