Lintbells launches a natural solution for stressed and anxious dogs

Lintbells has launched YuCALM Dog, complementing the company’s best-selling joint and skin support products. It takes the company’s premium natural supplements portfolio into the area of behaviour therapy for the first time. The new supplement promises it offers an effective way to help reduce stress, allowing dogs to feel happier and calmer.

YuCALM Dog is ideal for pets with noise phobias or other behavioural concerns. It can be given short term to combat a specific trigger event – such as holiday travel or during firework season – or for as long as it is needed by dogs with nervous or fearful temperaments or more long standing problems.

Due to its unique formula of scientifically proven ingredients YuCALM Dog provides calming support in challenging situations, and can also help when used as part of a longer-term behaviour therapy or training programme.

YuCALM Dog, like all of the Lintbells products, has been perfected through extensive trials carried out in collaboration with specialist universities. Veterinary behavioural experts have also been involved in the development and evaluation process.

The supplement uses only natural ingredients such as L-Theanine which supports production of calming compounds such as serotonin and dopamine – the chemical messenger involved in the pathways controlling reward-based behaviours. Lemon Balm has an effect on GABA levels – which exerts a calming effect by inhibiting nerve transmission in the brain. High quality fish protein hydrolysates support brain function, as well as also acting on GABA and dopamine levels.

The objective with all Lintbells products is to produce the highest possible quality and performance at an affordable cost to veterinary practices and retailers. As a result, brands like YuMEGA and YuMOVE are widely stocked and recommended by vets and nurses and the pet trade.

John Davies, Co-Founder at Lintbells says, “There are many situations that dogs might face which provoke anxious or fearful responses. Pet owners have told us that they feel they need help to support their pets in these difficult situations. We are delighted to be able to offer a natural supplement that’s been properly validated and we’ll be reinforcing that professionals can give advice on the whole package of interventions needed to support pets in distress.”

YuCALM Dog is available in 30’s, 60’s and 120’s from veterinary and pet trade wholesalers. For further information on YuCALM Dog, please visit or talk to your Lintbells Veterinary and Retail Business Development Executives.