Lintbells supports practices with new initiative for calmer pets

Lintbells is launching a new initiative for practices that will support efforts to keep pets calm – both in the practice, at home and in the wider community. The YuCALM ‘Don’t Fret Pet’ campaign starts in July and practices will be able to benefit from practice support materials including posters, display materials, and an educational guide to help clients recognise when they need support.

There is some evidence to suggest that the stress of visiting a vet – felt by the client and the pet – is a major barrier to clients seeking treatment, which can result in sick pets being presented for treatment much later.* By creating a more positive, lower stress experience, there is the opportunity to improve not just the relationship with the pet and its owner, but also pet health too.

Brand Manager, Gemma Cunningham says that the Lintbells team think this is a hugely important area of practice, “Dogs being reactive in the waiting room and stressed cats are all part and parcel of the daily case load. There’s so much that can be done to help change that – from supporting owners before their pet is even brought to the practice, to positive socialisation when pets are young and  creating spaces in the practice that help pets stay relaxed. We hope that our ‘Don’t Fret Pet’ practice support materials add to all the great work practices are already doing in this area. It is focussed on helping owners understand that the veterinary team can make sure their experiences at the practice and many other locations are positive for both pets and their owners. This type of approach doesn’t just make for better relationships and healthier pets – it makes great business sense too.”

Practices interested in receiving ‘Don’t Fret Pet’ practice support materials to help keep pets calm and happy this summer can talk to their Lintbells Veterinary Business Development Executive.