Lintbells Veterinary Launches YUMEGA Extra

Lintbells Veterinary Launches YUMEGA Extra

Lintbells Veterinary is excited to announce a new addition to their growing dermatology portfolio with the launch of YUMEGA Extra which was unveiled last week at BSAVA Congress.

YUMEGA Extra provides key phospholipids & keratin synthesis support to aid skin, nail & coat health, and comes in a powder which can simply be added to the dog’s food.

The unique formulation has been undergoing clinical evaluation in practice ahead of launch, where it has provided significant support in challenging skin and nail cases in dogs, and even a Gorilla!

Containing Biotin, Lecithin, Zinc, MOS, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, YUMEGA Extra can be used in combination with YUMEGA Plus to aid the skin barrier function, support nail growth and strength and maximise coat growth and recovery.

Dr John Howie, Marketing and Development Director at Lintbells commented “feedback from clinicians already using YUMEGA Extra is that the product makes a real difference to those tough skin, nail and coat cases.”

YUMEGA Extra is available from your veterinary wholesaler now.

For more information on YUMEGA Extra speak to your Lintbells Business Development Executive or call 01462 790886.