Lintbells wins even more hearts and minds with rebrand

It’s no small achievement to become one of the leading producers of pet supplements in UK veterinary practices within 10 years of launch. Gaining the good opinion of professionals with an eye to the evidence base, supporting an estimated 125,000 dogs and distributing to 15 countries isn’t enough though for British company Lintbells – the company will this year launch new products and a company-wide rebrand is set to be unveiled at BSAVA Congress in April.

The key for Lintbells has been scientific validation of its products: the Royal Veterinary College and New Zealand’s Marlborough Research Centre have been instrumental in much of this work. Combine that with a rigorous eye on quality ingredients and you can start to see why the company has gained the trust and recommendation of veterinary practices. Pet owners too have been vocal in their support – with thousands of 5-star reviews testifying to the benefits of Lintbells’ brands.

Now the company will combine a ‘head and heart’ approach in a rebranding exercise blending the best of science with an appreciation of the love people feel for their pets.  It’s not all about cosmetic changes. A review of the entire range has led to a number of improvements, including the development of Vitaease™ Green Lipped Mussel in YuMOVE, which offers an incredibly concentrated source of omega-3 and is unique to Lintbells.

The changes are based on conversations with customers, taking the time to listen to all the feedback and then acting on the conclusions. Packaging is one of the first things to hit the eye and is therefore hugely important. All the Lintbells’ brands will now benefit from colour coding from a fresh new palate that looks both contemporary and completely professional. Photographs of pets on pack help reflect the company’s focus on healthy, happy pets who are visibly full of life. The bold, bright look brings the whole range up to date.

Helping clients understand the benefits of any recommendation is core to uptake and compliance and some of the Lintbells products are changing their name to more clearly communicate what they do for pet health. So YuMEGA Plus becomes YuMEGA Itchy Dog, YuMPRO BioActiv becomes YuDIGEST and YuMPRO Bioactiv Plus becomes YuDIGEST Plus.

In a busy practice it’s not always easy to take time out to explain changes, so Lintbells has also produced a transition guide for pet owners that clearly communicates what has changed and why. Vets and nurses are being encouraged to prepare for the exciting changes ahead and take a few minutes to have a chat with the company’s veterinary team on stand 127 at BSAVA congress so they can help pet owners understand the improvements and stock up any support material they need.