5 reasons why you love Mobility Matters

The launch of Mobility Matters is just around the corner and this time we’re including cats. At the start of the year we asked you what you thought of our practice support initiative. This is what 50 vets, vet nurses and practice managers said…


  1. Better team working

96% said they thought vets, nurses and reception staff were communicating more effectively

  1. Better patient care

92% thought more mobility issues had been identified

  1. More involved clients

94% of veterinary staff felt clients were more confident about managing their pet’s condition

90% thought client compliance had increased.

  1. More motivating

95% thought the training had improved staff morale.

96% of vet professionals agreed or strongly agreed that they are now managing mobility issues more effectively in practice

  1. Increased income

74% said they thought practice revenue had increased

What you loved most…

“(It) has brought the team together and boosted morale, everyone is really enthusiastic about it.”

“Loved the chart and the referral slips! Chart is excellent at structuring the clinic and (it’s) a great time to get everyone talking about it.”

“We are much more able to bring a multifaceted approach to improving and maintaining a quality of life for our senior patients, it has given owners a form and opportunity to discuss all aspects of their pet health. Thanks so much for your help setting up clinics.”

“Feel a lot more confident with mobility issues since the lunch and learn. The flip chart is useful in guiding the conversation and clients seem keen to learn more.”

Look out for Mobility Matters this October – now also including cats!

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