A Client Christmas Toolkit

We’ve got five essentials to share with your clients so they can cope with everyday pet concerns over Christmas, giving you more time to relax or to focus on the real emergencies.

Dr Google probably causes you to grind your teeth from time to time and is it really the place you want clients to turn to when they are unsure if their pet needs out of hours help over the festive season? No one wants to be at the practice when they could have time with their family over Christmas but equally no veterinary professional would want an animal to suffer needlessly. What can we do to make sure clients are well equipped to help prevent their pet becoming ill and able to take sensible steps to deal with minor concerns? We have a few suggestions.

  1. Make sure they know how to keep their pets safe. It’s never too early to remind clients through social media and regular newsletters that some Christmas foods are toxic – grapes, sultanas and raisins, chocolate, onions and xylitol containing foods such as peanut butter and chewing gum are all problematic. Anti-freeze might seem like an old chestnut to you but many pet owners will be unaware that it needs to be kept out of reach of pets. Pine needles, glass baubles and tiny toys that can be swallowed all pose a risk, so the Christmas tree should really be a pet-free zone. Other dangers include fresh flowers such as lilies and mistletoe – both highly toxic to pets
  2. Think about promoting an offer on a pet first aid kit. They make practical presents and one that the practice has checked out and endorsed is more likely to be trusted by pet owners.
  3. Remind pet owners about simple items they should keep in stock. Anyone who has repeat medication for their pet should be asked to check they have enough to cover the days when the practice is closed.
  4. When they need extra help a supplement could be the answer. YuDIGEST is an ideal choice to help maintain digestive health or have YuDIGEST PLUS on hand for when they need extra help. They are both especially useful at a time of year when a few unexpected snacks or treat foods might be added to the pet’s usual diet.  Cold, damp weather and increasing exercise might bring joint health front of mind and YuMOVE ADVANCE could be just what they need to ensure that the Boxing Day walk is enjoyable for everyone.
  5. There’s always lots of information about how to reach the vet on call but do you also signpost your clients as part of your out of hours message to content that could help give them some guidance? On your website you could host articles on when to seek veterinary assistance for digestive episodes, or the top 10 veterinary emergencies, or first aid tips for pets. This type of content is invaluable for anyone who is hesitant about disturbing you on Christmas Day and could help make sure that you see the genuine emergencies as quickly as possible.