Behaviour therapy in practice – making it work

Worried that behaviour cases are hard to resolve, or don’t make good business sense? We asked our practice management analyst to work out where the opportunities are for better outcomes – both for patients and practices.

Opportunity 1: Never forget that behaviour problems may be caused by medical problems: one veterinary behaviourist says this is true in over 50% of cases.* Always ensure that behaviour cases receive a thorough medical work up prior to addressing the behavioural issue.

Opportunity 2: A German study** found that specialists were more likely to allow sufficient time for a behaviour consult and charge in a way that resulted in a better clinical and commercial outcome. Although first opinion vets saw an increase in sales due to offering behavioural therapy, they tended not to allow sufficient time for a behaviour consult and charged less than the usual standard rate.

Although there will always be scope to refer, there may be an opportunity to review how behaviour cases are handled at the first opinion level with regard to time and charges. Explain the need for a thorough work up and offer a longer appointment that is also correctly charged for. First time resolution is important in client satisfaction and a thorough work up and history remains invaluable if you need to refer a more complex case.

Opportunity 3: Over 70% of cat and dog owners are registered with more than one veterinary practice.*** In the UK the number of practices has doubled in the last 17 years. Customer experience is increasingly viewed as key and may even be valued over quality. Offering a one-stop shop and including behaviour services may allow practices to retain more of their clients’ business.

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