Calmer cats? You can with YuCALM

With 89%* of UK cats afraid of at least one thing, there’s a need to support owners of stressed and nervous cats. Our new educational guide is packed full of ideas to help them.


It’s no surprise that cats are fearful when you think of all the challenges involved in modern life.

  • 43% of cats live in multi-cat households but 14% don’t get on with other cats or cats they live with
  • 34% are scared of fireworks
  • 35% are scared of loud noises
  • 35% are fearful of people they don’t know
  • 13% of cats are aggressive towards people

BUT 23% of cat owners said they would not seek advice to change their cat’s behaviour.

Written with the assistance of cat behaviourist Emily Blackwell, our new educational guide has some real gems that help cat owners understand what’s going on in their cat’s head and how they can bring about change. Use it to support your recommendations and encourage cat owners to take action.

Need to know

  • Cats are bonded to their location and the bond to the owner is secondary. Factors affecting their location can have a disproportionate effect.
  • Provide cats with the ability to escape situations that they view as threatening or fearful as cats often rely on a ‘flight’ response to fearful stimuli.
  • Supplements can help cats feel calmer overall. It can be an ideal first step towards rehabilitation alongside advice from a vet practice or a certified behaviourist to make immediate environmental changes to help reduce stress.

If you would love to use our guide for cat owners talk to your Lintbells Veterinary Business Development Executive today or request ‘ Practical help for stressed or nervous cats’  here:


*PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report 2018