Cat Fact or Fiction..

In honour of our Curious about Cats campaign we have some amazing cat facts. But how much is the total truth and how much is pure fiction? Test your grey matter now..

1.The inventor of the Kindle wanted to call it a kitten. He was persuaded to use the collective noun for kittens (aka Kindle) after a vet pointed out that kittens are really difficult to read.

2. Cats have backward facing papillae on their tongue, mainly used for grooming. In 1974 fashion designer Rodney Rodrigo was prosecuted after it was discovered the sleek look of his famous RoRo skirts was achieved in an overcrowded finishing room where an army of unpaid sweat-cats were forced to lick sardine paste from the fabric for many hours. Rodrigo refused to divulge the ingredients used in his P-Wee Perfume line produced at the same facility.

3. While 75% of cats respond to catnip, only an estimated 10% respond to parsnip.

4. American cat owners admit to talking to their cats for 3.5 hours a week. Peak cat chat time is from 1.30 pm to 5pm on a Friday which is why most cat owners call the practice from 5pm onwards seeking help. No one knows why dog owners also call at this time.

5. Cats purr at a frequency that can stimulate the regeneration of muscle and bone. Last year the England Football Team drafted in a secret squad of repair cats before the World Cup semi-final. Unfortunately, following some issues with Google Translate, several leading strikers had to be treated with antibiotics after some semi-feral felines were let loose on their hamstrings.

True or false? You decide…

Cat Fact or Fiction