Why ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel consistently delivers clinically proven results

Supplements containing Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) are becoming increasingly popular but not all GLM is of the same quality, so paying particular attention to quality is critical. Over a decade of research and £1M R&D investment has gone into the development of ActivEase®, the proprietary Green Lipped Mussel extract used in Lintbells’ products.   DELIVERING […]

YuMOVE and Team GB heroes Laura Muir, Lauren Steadman and Jemma Reekie are on a mission to keep dogs active for life

In the absence of the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games, YuMOVE recruits dog-owning Team GB heroes to launch Wagletics – a campaign that will inspire the nation’s pet owners to keep their dogs active for life.

The Pet Pod: Weight management for dogs and cats – how to help your client’s pets stay healthy

Proudly sponsored by YuMOVE, this week’s topic Dr. Zara Boland talks to Dr. Alex German, Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Liverpool and global expert in obesity. They discuss the rising number of overweight cats and dogs in the UK and explain the health problems that carrying excess weight can cause our […]

Have you joined ‘The Vet Hub’, our new and exclusive Facebook group?

The Vet Hub is our exclusive group for all in the veterinary profession from superhero receptionists, vet nurses, vet students, practice managers, vets and so on! The group will offer the latest news bulletins, competitions, free CPD, online events and special offers exclusive to you and your practice.   You’ve probably already heard or read about […]

Week 1 with VetYogi – Neck & Shoulders

Week 1 – Neck and Shoulders 12/8/20   Welcome to the start of your new yoga journey! I am honoured that you would trust me to guide you as we begin what will hopefully become a life-changing practice for you, as it is for me. I passionately believe that the ancient tools of yoga and […]

Week 2 with VetYogi – Let’s focus on the back!

Week 2 – Back 19/8/20   Here we are at week 2, hopefully you are all still with me! This session is a really important one as it focuses our awareness on strengthening and stretching our backs. I should have actually called this week ‘back and core’, as the way I like to think of […]

Week 3 – Hips don’t lie

Week 3 – Hips 26/8/20   After this class we’ll be at the halfway point and this week it’s all in the hips! As bipedal creatures our pelvis can be thought of as the connecting region between our top and bottom halves, and therefore happy and healthy hips are essential for keeping our mobility in […]