The challenges of improving feline mobility

When it comes to conditions that remain largely hidden, feline osteoarthritis must be right up there as one of the most common conditions people never knew their cat suffered from. We took a closer look…

The challenges of improving feline mobility

Cat handling

Some people seem to have a flare for handling cats but we all know that actually bringing your cat to the practice can be fraught for many clients. Here are some of our favourite cat handling tips.

Cat Handling

Motivation at work

Motivation – or what makes us want to do things and keep doing things even when the going gets tough – has been well studied. What could be motivating you and how can you motivate others?

Motivation at Work

Fresh Thinking – Boost Concentration

It’s the end of the newsletter and your attention is flagging. STOP – we have some tips to help boost concentration!

Fresh Thinking - Boost Concentration