Lintbells – Producing ethical supplements for the ethical practice

From the very beginning, back in 2006, we’ve been determined to be an ethical company. We’re proud of our ethical record – it’s important to us that we don’t do the profitable thing, but the right thing, wherever we can. And there are three key areas we feel set us apart as a company…   […]

New Year, New ‘Yin’ Yoga

Registrations still open!  Our yoga sessions are well and truly underway and we are delighted at the number of you who have joined!   CONGRATULATIONS – to those of you who won our competition, we hope you are enjoying your new yoga equipment. 🙌 Sessions have already began but fear not, if you’d still like to join […]

Vet Active Life

New techniques in chronic pain management   Join the free on-demand webinar focused on pain management presented by Jessica Rychel. The webinar includes: Defining chronic pain in small animal patients Injectable pharmaceuticals for pain management Supplements for chronic pain management – what’s new in this realm To watch the free webinar, click here.