We need to be more Curious about Cats

We’ve always known it. Cat owners are not curious enough about the habits of their feline friends and often don’t realise that small behavioural changes can signal big alterations in health status. We’ve launched our Curious about Cats campaign to try and change their perspective.

Curious About Cats

Fresh Thinking – reboot your brain!

We’ve really taken our fresh thinking theme to heart with a look at a technique that could help you stop following the same old thought patterns and break fresh ground.

Fresh Thinking - Reboot Your Brain

New Year, Fresh Start

In truth, every day offers the opportunity for a fresh start but as a new year dawns many of us resolve to make some changes. If you are fed up with the same old pledges to drink more water or exercise more, what else can you look at that could make 2019 refreshingly different? We have some ideas…

New Year's Fresh Start

Cat Fact or Fiction..

In honour of our Curious about Cats campaign we have some amazing cat facts. But how much is the total truth and how much is pure fiction? Test your grey matter now…

Cat Fact or Fiction