Setting up a behaviour clinic

Dog owners want their pets to be happy, so when fear and anxiety get in the way, it can be very distressing. We have some new and existing resources to help practices develop services that address common stress triggers such as travel, noise and separation.

Happy Holidays with Pets – a 10 step travel check

Travel to a new area, where you don’t know your way around, in hot weather; throw in the chaos of a family holiday and unpredictable tides. And take your pet with you. What could possibly go wrong?

What’s on Offer? YuCALM Dog

It’s been estimated* that 80% of dogs show signs of anxiety or fearfulness – often in relation to specific triggers. That’s a lot of dogs (and owners) that could benefit from help.

Fresh thinking – July 2017

Not all bloggers are teenagers earning squillions of pounds – some blog about normal family life, including pets and their health. We’ve got three reasons why your practice needs to know about blogging…