Tune into the Pet Pod with Dr. Zara Boland, proudly supported by YuMOVE

YuMOVE is proud to support the Pet Pod with Dr. Zara Boland. Zara is a clinical veterinarian, media consultant and a self-confessed all round animal lover – over the next few months she will be joined by veterinary friends and colleagues across the pet health industry to offer you and your clients handy tips and […]

Diving into sustainable salmon

How do we know that our salmon oil is sustainable?   How can we guarantee that the salmon oil we use is the highest possible quality? Come with us to the Norwegian fjords to find out.   We’re committed to sustainable sourcing   At Lintbells, we put a great deal of emphasis on ethical and […]

EFAs and skin barrier function – what role do they play?

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are those that cannot be made in the body and must be supplied externally, in the diet or as a supplement. Just what role do essential fatty acids play in the skin?   EFAs have multiple roles in the body – it’s been discovered that they are needed for neurological and […]

Help us raise vital funds for UK pet charities as part of #RescueYourRescue

#RescueYourRescue is a nationwide emergency fund-raising appeal that will urgently provide vital funds for pet rescue charities affected by COVID-19.   Lintbells launched a charity campaign with Virgin Money Giving that will raise vital funds for over 100 registered pet rescue charities across the UK.   Pet rescue charities are facing closure due to a […]