Loyalty and how to increase it

Why do we talk about loyalty ‘programmes’ when loyalty has a lot to do with softer attributes such as trust, devotion and affection . If you don’t like to talk about feelings look away now…

Your recommendation matters

Whether you call it compliance, adherence or concordance, it’s clear that your recommendations won’t work if clients don’t follow them. We have five ways to improve the situation…

How we made a Success of Supplements

In 2006 John Davies and John Howie founded Lintbells. The company is now responsible for some of the most popular derm and joint supplements in veterinary practices up and down the country and it also exports worldwide. How did they do it?

Fresh Thinking

Summer. For some, a time to think about picnics in the long grass, days at the beach and never-ending sunshine. For others it’s stocking up on the steroids, preparing for the seasonal surges in derm cases and wishing they had never heard the word atopy. What’s a vet to do?