CPD for Free

With five modules, each lasting around 45 mins, we can help you make a dent in your annual CPD target. And if you are also an SQP, don’t worry as two of these modules are also AMTRA accredited. There’s a total of 12 AMTRA accredited CPD points available from our learning modules ‘Supplements in Canine […]

Do you know a PPAWE?

We’ve heard of the JAMs (just about managing) and the DINKYs (double income, no kids yet) but let’s claim a new one for the vet profession – the PPAWEs (pet parent, at wit’s end) to describe clients with itchy dogs. What can we do to help? Awake as their dog itches and scratches all night […]

Fresh thinking

Every summer – and sometimes every month – those clients with itchy dogs keep coming back. While the clinical signs can often be controlled, there are often flare ups to attend to. So being able to recommend a little extra help can make all the difference… We have produced a new guide especially for those […]

Love your hashtag!

All you have to lose is the pristine gleam of the button on your keyboard you don’t use very much and you could gain more followers. Find out how to use and love hashtags… What’s the point of hashtags anyway? Hashtags help you categorise your posts and tweets and should help them be more visible […]