Mobility really does Matter!

Many of the dogs and cats we see in practice have stiff joints or reduced flexibility. We have ways to help support your efforts to help them live a happy life.

Fireworks revisited – not one night, not one solution

You’ve just dealt with the flurry of clients seeking help for their dogs’ noise phobias and expect to see them again next year. But wait – isn’t there something more we can do?

Behaviour Resources – watch our video!

If you’ve heard Dr Emily Blackwell speak, either in person or on TV, you’ll know she’s an expert in pet behaviour who brings real insight into why pets act the way they do. Now, she’s made some great videos for Lintbells. Find out more…

Fresh thinking – November 2017

Don’t feel satisfied with life or work? Always rushing from one thing to the next or multitasking? Find it hard to shut off from all the things you have to do? You could be stressed. We have some ideas about getting it all back into balance.