Preparing for Fireworks Season: Dog and Client Management

As we enter October, we’re sure you’re all very aware that the (increasingly prolonged and extended) Firework Season is nearly upon us. Doubtless you have prepared a range of educational resources for your clients and may already be giving out advice. In this article, we’re going to review the current recommendations for management, and take […]

Practice Dilemma: The disbelieving cat owner

It’s the end of a long block of consults, and you’re relieved to see that your last slot is a simple cat booster. “Oscar” is a 12-year-old domestic shorthair and is in great health for his age – he’s bright and alert, no weight loss, eating well, BCS of 5/9, and no changes in drinking […]

The Christmas Digestive Meltdown: A Proactive Approach to Supporting Digestive Health over the Festive Period

As we all know, the festive season rings itself in with digestive issues. Dogs and cats increasingly present with apparent gastrointestinal disorders. And of course, dietary indiscretion is a key factor in this! However, in addition to the ubiquitous “Christmas party toxins” newsletters and emails, there are a number of underused avenues to help reduce […]