Diving into sustainable salmon

How do we know that our salmon oil is sustainable?


How can we guarantee that the salmon oil we use is the highest possible quality? Come with us to the Norwegian fjords to find out.


We’re committed to sustainable sourcing


At Lintbells, we put a great deal of emphasis on ethical and sustainable sourcing, environmental stewardship and full traceability of all our ingredients.

So we naturally wanted to source the best possible sustainable salmon oil for our YuDERM range.


The crystal clear waters of Norway


Following extensive research, we chose to source all of our salmon oil from Norway, where the deep fjords and ice-cold water provide the perfect conditions for salmon to grow healthy and strong.

Norwegian fishermen have always lived in harmony with the sea. They were the original pioneers of responsible seafood farming and over the years Norway has developed a world-leading expertise in breeding ocean-farmed salmon.

In order to preserve future fishing stocks, the Norwegian fishing industry takes great care to manage the ocean’s resources in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

Ocean-farmed salmon


Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon spend the first year or so of their lives in freshwater tanks until they undergo a physical change called smoltification that enables them to live in saltwater.

At that stage, the salmon are transferred to spacious, protected cylindrical netted pens in the sea that are anchored to the seabed. Typically, these nets have a circumference of up to 200 metres and are up to 50 metres deep.

Within these nets, fish have plenty of space to swim and grow. By law, the salmon must take up less than 2.5% of the volume of the pen, with water taking up 97.5% of the space.


Our guarantees of sustainably farmed salmon


We only select salmon from producers that are certified by The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). This independent non-profit organisation is the world’s leading certification and labelling programme for sustainably farmed seafood.

ASC standards:

  • Help protect the surrounding ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Set stringent controls for the use of antibiotics
  • Reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals
  • Require best practices that combat the spread of illness and parasites between farmed fish and wild fish
  • Proactively prevent fish escapes
  • Mandate strict criteria for resources use and sustainable feed
  • Regulate feed practices, reducing the amount of fish feed that drops to the water below
  • Preserve the quality of the water
  • Regulate where farms can be sited to protect vulnerable nature areas.

The fish oil in all of the YuDERM range is also certified by the IFFO, the international marine ingredients organisation, and Friends of the Sea, which upholds strict criteria for environmental sustainability.


These certifications ensure that our salmon is produced by farmers who are committed to responsible aquaculture. They also mean that we know precisely where our oils come from and can trace their entire journey from their origins to our store.


High purity oil


From boat to bottle, our salmon oil takes less than an hour to process, ensuring that the oil is as fresh and pure as possible. We only use the trimmings from around the salmon fillet and you’ll only find 100% salmon oil in the YuDERM range – no additives are allowed.

Our quality standards are so high that we reject oils that go into some human supplements.


Once processed, the oil is sealed in oxygen-blocking bottles, making it the freshest, highest quality fish oil available for pet owners. In fact, our salmon oil has the lowest oxidation level of any commercial oil assessed in independent tests. Throughout their journey from Norway, we protect the oils to keep them fresh and preserve their health-giving properties.


The ultimate treatment for a ‘scritchy scratchy’ dog


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“Fantastic. We previously had a very scritchy scratchy (!) dog, Dexter, I so wish this had been available for him. Hamilton is a 3 year old black lab who adores every bit of muddy, pond or sea water he can find! Unfortunately it does not adore him or his skin … Having put YuDERM into his food for a few weeks he completely stopped scratching and his skin was, and remains, calm. He has been on it for months now and we will never take him off it. YuDERM is for life!” Find out more


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