Do’s and Don’ts for the practice Christmas party

It’s party time! Be afraid. Be very afraid…


DON’T Facebook Live the whole event on the practice pages. Or decide to compile a group response to that unfair one star review.

DON’T remark loudly that the prawn in your starter resembles a cat’s uterus.

DON’T take rubber gloves with you. Or Elastrators. Just don’t. It won’t end well.

DON’T secretly jab people with a 23 gauge needle if they look as if they aren’t having a good time

DON’T mention that abscess you lanced that turned out to be full of maggots. At least until the non-vet people at the venue have finished eating.

DON’T use the Q word in relation to the on-call ‘phone. It’s been scientifically proven to be medicine’s Macbeth:

DON’T, under the influence of Christmas spirit, make promises that you can never keep – like doing 786 hours of CPD or washing up your own coffee cup for a whole year.

DO learn the words AND actions to La Macarena. Brush up here:

DO stop yourself if you are about to use #daddancing in relation to your boss

DO let your hair down and have a great time. You so deserve it!