Enjoying the sunshine? Spring stresses for cats

Social stress – why warmer weather isn’t always good news for cats..

With their instincts to hunt and secure territory, cats display many of their natural behaviours in the great outdoors. As the weather improves, they are more inclined to spend increasing time outside, roaming further and inevitably coming into more frequent contact with neighbouring cats. Territory disputes and competition for resources (e.g. food, water sources, favoured sleeping or viewing spots) can lead to social stress.

How can you tell if a cat is stressed?

Stress in cats is often difficult to pick up unless it results in clinical symptoms. They may simply appear more sedentary – not wishing to spend as much time outside. Behaviour may change to hiding more, or being more clingy and needing increasing affection and reassurance from their owner. Clinical symptoms can include inappropriate toileting, diarrhoea, and feline lower urinary tract disease. Overgrooming can lead to alopecia and skin infections. Chronic stress will also compromise immunity and increase the risk of infection.

Stress busting for cats

Alleviating the signs of stress is important so cats feel happier to display their natural behaviours and to reduce the harmful effects of stress on health. Cats like routine and the predictability that comes with it provides a sense of security. They need to be free to choose when they spend time outside and may even ‘time share’ with neighbouring cats*. Providing behavioural stimulation inside in the form of puzzle feeders, viewing platforms and cat-safe toys will guard against frustration and boredom. Our ‘Curious About Cats’ campaign has support materials to help practices discuss the curiosities of cat behaviour with clients. The offer includes a free hour of cat specific CPD, complete with certificates and a free lunch for your team while you learn. We are also running some great offers on our products to help relieve stress (YuCALM) and the effects on the urinary tract, (YuRELIEVE) and skin (YuMEGA):

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* https://icatcare.org/advice/problem-behaviour/stressed-cats

Spring stresses for cats