Fresh Thinking

Summer.  For some, a time to think about picnics in the long grass, days at the beach and never-ending sunshine. For others it’s stocking up on the steroids, preparing for the seasonal surges in derm cases and wishing they had never heard the word atopy. What’s a vet to do?

If you are an avid reader of Veterinary Practice magazine you will have already checked out Anita Patel’s article on ‘Essential fatty acids in veterinary dermatology: do they have a place?’.  If you missed it then we recommend you track it down as it is a great read and should help you evaluate how to use EFAs in your practice protocols.

Fear not, as we also have lots of support material to help owners understand the issues. Find them here: <support material link>

Get your paws on our itchy dog poster to help owners identify potential allergic triggers and signs of itchy skin here <link>

Download our infographic to use on social media, practice website or to email to clients here <link>

We can’t take the pollen out of summer but we can show clients how to help their itchy pets.