Fresh Thinking – December 2017

We have three New Year resolutions to help you get your practice in great shape for 2018!


  1. Make a marketing plan for the year, noting key events and campaigns you take part in. You might also want to focus on one topic per quarter – such as mobility, allergies, anxiety, weight management, or neutering. Think about when seasonal trends in these areas actually happen: for example, anxiety and noise phobias peak around November and December but travel related anxiety is reported more in the summer months. Work out how you will promote any associated offers or services through your website, e-newsletter and social media – each channel should reinforce your communication used in the other channels. This makes your efforts measurable and you should notice growth in that particular area of your practice.
  2. Conduct a range review – look at what you stock in key categories (such as pet food, supplements, or parasite products) and decide whether you offer too many choices, making stock control more difficult. Are there are discontinued lines or stock close to sell by dates that could be sold at reduced cost? Are there opportunities to simplify your offer and ensuring you know the remaining products and their usages really well? Could you give the products you really support more display space in the waiting room?
  3. Once you have decided on the products you really want to support, talk to your supplier’s representative and find out what they can offer in the way of campaigns, lunch and learns, CPD and support literature. Ask them to review what you are currently doing and make some suggestions for improvements with regard to those products.

A Happy New Year to all our readers. See you again in 2018!