Fresh Thinking – do good to feel good

It’s consistently ranked highly as a way to improve your personal wellbeing: doing good for someone else can make you feel good. We have a few suggestions for ways you can #BeKind in 2019

  • Donate your time to a veterinary charity – The Worldwide Veterinary Service send around 70 veterinary teams out every year:
  • Fund raise – Wildlife Vets International have ideas about how people of any age can help support their work.
  • Spread the word – Vets and vet nurses can email Streetvet at to be added to their database and display one of its practice posters in their place of work.
  • Act – Give Blood and, if appropriate, volunteer your pet to give blood. There are even last-minute appointments available to give blood when you find yourself with a few extra minutes to spare:
  • Care – don’t lose your ability to feel compassion for others. If you see a colleague struggling, offer them some support. Not always easy when perhaps you’ve had to work harder to pick up the pieces if they haven’t pulled their weight. But remember, that could be you one day, or your son or your daughter. It’s as important to look after each other as well as we care for our patients.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and we’ll see you in 2019!