Fresh Thinking – Facebook

You probably put in a lot of effort but just how can you measure success on Facebook? We have three suggestions that can help you take stock and improve.


1) Reviews – how many five star ones do you have? Reviews are often considered the word of mouth equivalent in the digital world. Ask happy clients to post a review – you could include a reminder on appointment cards, using follow up emails, or by asking on Facebook itself. While people are often quick to post about a negative experience sometimes they need a little reminder to talk about the good ones!

2) Engagement – engagement is a wider metric than just page likes. It reflects how much people are interacting with your content. If you use the ‘Insights’ metrics page you can click on the small arrow beside your post results. Select engagement rate and you will be able to see the percentage engagement each post received. This is a great measure of the type of content your audience enjoys, allowing you to post more of it!



3) Pages to Watch – on the ‘Overview’ tab of your ‘Insights’ page you will see right at the bottom a ‘Pages to Watch’ function. You can add the pages belonging to your competitors or practice pages you especially admire. Day by day you can see how your performance compares against certain metrics. Not only is that useful, showing you what is working for your competitors and giving guidelines on parameters such as the frequency of posting, it can be quite motivating too – especially if you are the competitive type!