Fresh thinking – July 2017

Not all bloggers are teenagers earning squillions of pounds – some blog about normal family life, including pets and their health. We’ve got three reasons why your practice needs to know about blogging…

  1. We used to ‘read all about it’ in newspapers, then it was a big deal when it was ‘as seen on TV’. Now it’s about what your favourite blogger says. Pets are family and the so-called ‘mummy’ bloggers often include posts about their pets. It’s not unusual for a moderately successful blogger to attract over 50,000 visits to their website each month. Bloggers are the new influencers.
  2. You (or your practice) can become bloggers too. Although most bloggers don’t have specific qualifications, the most successful have had to learn techniques to help them grow their audience. There are even bloggers who help people learn how to blog. There are few costs involved in setting up a blog other than your time.
  3. Many bloggers use social media to bounce their audience back to their blog post. If you use your Facebook page as a stand-alone platform, that’s something that could be worth changing. Bloggers LOVE Twitter. Lots of practices have Facebook accounts but fewer have Twitter accounts. Many of you probably have a personal Twitter account that you use to follow other professionals. Look at how bloggers use Twitter to actively engage with their audience and increase their fan base.

Want to see an example of a blogger in action? Check out what happened on our Summer Pupnic: Cat The Vet.