Fresh thinking – November 2017

Don’t feel satisfied with life or work? Always rushing from one thing to the next or multitasking? Find it hard to shut off from all the things you have to do? You could be stressed. We have some ideas about getting it all back into balance.


  1. Try some deep muscle relaxation or meditation. If you are a typical ‘Type A’ personality who finds it hard to switch off you might find it hard to schedule in the time to do this. In fact, ‘Type As’ are more susceptible to stress and it’s even more important for you. Prioritise!
  2. If you need support at work, ask for it. Delegation, flexi-working, training in areas you don’t feel confident to handle currently and being assertive are all techniques that may work for you. When you are stressed, being able to find creative solutions to your problems might seem more difficult but remember there are always options. Ask a trusted friend to help you brainstorm some ideas that could work for your situation.
  3. Self-care isn’t something that should come bottom of your list. If you don’t fit your own metaphorical oxygen mask first, you can’t help anyone else. Take your breaks when you can and if it’s quiet remember all those times you missed your breaks; don’t fill your schedule with other tasks and instead, take some well-deserved time out.
  4. Don’t dwell on the past or your fear of the future. Live in the moment but also create some positive things to look forward to, such as a holiday that offers a change of scene.
  5. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. It’s not an admission of failure and you’re not alone.


Help is available from: Free Cognitive Behavioural Therapy online and check out the great video on vicious cycles of anxiety and depression.