Fresh Thinking – when it’s really okay…

There’s no need to beat yourself up when you don’t reach the exacting standards you aspire to. Relax. It’s okay to…

It’s okay to drink three double espressos before the first consult of the day if you’ve been up all night with an RTA.

It’s OK to sniff your top to find out what’s on it

It’s okay to think you are some kind of Marvel super-hero due to the lightning fast reaction time you’ve perfected to avoid being bitten.

It’s okay to Google differentials for a case but to view what the client has Googled with suspicion – especially if it involves snake venom and arsenic.

It’s OK to have hands that look older than your face

It’s okay to stagger through the door after a long day at the practice and abandon your clean eating principles and tuck into burger and chips washed down with a few beers sometimes!

“It’s OK to put a scrub top over your pyjamas for OOH”

It’s okay to reason that giving a kennel cough vaccine to an Irish Setter is at least as good a work out as you’d get from 30 minutes on the cross trainer. And have cake instead.

It’s OK to smell a dog’s ears to find out if they have Malssezia

It’s OK to discuss diarrhoea over lunch

It’s OK to have blood on your arms when you eat lunch as long as you have washed your hands

It’s OK to have worn knees in all your work trousers