How we made a Success of Supplements

In 2006 John Davies and John Howie founded Lintbells. The company is now responsible for some of the most popular derm and joint supplements in veterinary practices up and down the country and it also exports worldwide. How did they do it?

As you can imagine, starting from scratch to create a multi-award winning international business put the two Johns on a steep learning curve. We asked for three tips that could help other business owners.

  1. Have complete confidence in your product

Understanding the science behind YuMOVE and that it offered something that simply couldn’t be provided within a petfood formulation was just the first step. All of Lintbells supplements are also validated by veterinary experts and leading academic specialists, as well as pet owners. It’s a ‘must have’ to ensure you are completely confident in your product. It’s vitally important to build something you can feel proud of and the best marketing in the world is money down the drain if the product doesn’t live up to expectations.

  1. Seek out talented people

A growing business quickly grows in complexity and with the best will in the world, all the skills you require will never be found in just one person. The people we have brought into our business have primarily been brought in not just because of their skill set and knowledge but also for their energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn and grow with us. We encourage that by also being conscientious employers who recognise our commitment goes beyond filling a pay packet each month.

  1. Never lose your passion

Running our business has been a vocation, not a job. Those of you who are in practice can relate to that – the work doesn’t end when the waiting room clears. To put in all the extra effort, to always be willing to do more to make things better, to keep going when you are worried or exhausted  – all of those things are only possible if deep down you passionately believe in what you are trying to do. We’ve kept to that belief – we hope you have been able to too.