Mobility really does Matter!

Many of the dogs and cats we see in practice have stiff joints or reduced flexibility. We have ways to help support your efforts to help them live a happy life.


At London Vet Show we’re offering you an opportunity to check out our Mobility Matters support pack. It provides all the resources needed to set up nurse-led mobility clinics.

We’ll provide the materials you need to communicate with clients, both in the waiting area, consulting room and online.  Time is a precious commodity in practice so there’s also plenty to help behind the scenes, including a comprehensive guide available to view on stand.

You have told us how useful you find it to be able to run campaigns in practice, without all the blood, sweat and tears needed to come up with a structure. You also said you needed professional promotional material that lets clients know about the services you offer. And now it’s all here!

Of course it’s not just a ‘nice to do’, you can also make the benefits concrete: measurable outcomes include client satisfaction, incremental sales and improved patient wellbeing. We’ve taken into account existing barriers based on what veterinary teams have told us and created the pack to address those needs.

As well as the guide, you can also expect to see Mobility Matters referral cards, which help vets signpost clients to the clinics, a digital communication pack, posters and more.

But we have even more to offer! London Vet Show would not be the same without an exciting competition with an amazing prize, so we have one of those too. We’re on Stand U50 and would love to have the opportunity to show you how we can support you.


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