New Year, Fresh Start

In truth, every day offers the opportunity for a fresh start but as a new year dawns many of us resolve to make some changes. If you are fed up with the same old pledges to drink more water or exercise more, what else can you look at that could make 2019 refreshingly different? We have some ideas…

  • Be grateful – it’s been shown to reduce stress and depression so why not commit to writing down three things every day you are grateful for? Keeping a gratitude journal has been described as one of the most powerful things you can do for your mental health. Read more about it here:
  • Develop a sleeping plan – sleep also plays an important role in stress reduction and weight management. Relaxation exercises before bedtime, going to sleep at the same time every night, caffeine-free warm drinks and turning off screens can all play a part in your plan. Try it for 20 days and see how much better you feel.
  • Keep learning – those whose social activities involve higher cognitive skills showed improvements in memory. Think beyond veterinary. You could do a course in personal wellbeing with Courser a or master Facebook Marketing with Udemy
  • Eat fast food and make it healthy – time management is always going to be a struggle but healthy snacks don’t always need a lot of prep or cooking. Check out these quick and healthy meals and get inspired…
  • Self-care! Find yourself tutting because your clients are missing vaccination appointments or have an incomplete flea control record? What about your own health? Make appointments now for an eye test, dental check and any other recommended medical appointments. Oh and drink more water! 😊
New Year's Fresh Start