Setting up a behaviour clinic

Dog owners want their pets to be happy, so when fear and anxiety get in the way, it can be very distressing. We have some new and existing resources to help practices develop services that address common stress triggers such as travel, noise and separation.

Having in-house expertise to explain techniques such as habituation and desensitisation is one of the first requirements. You’ll find some FREE behaviour CPD here.

We all know that written material can improve client buy in to a therapeutic approach so we have a comprehensive guide to take dog owners through the science of fear and how to understand a dog’s body language. It can ensure clients appreciate how they can work with you to help their dog by following your advice. Download the educational guide here.

Spread the word – let clients know you can help

Signal your willingness to provide support and expertise with educational posters that show clients how to spot when their dog is stressed or anxious. Vibrant leaflet holders and leaflets will raise awareness of behaviour issues in the waiting room and signal your interest and expertise in the topic. It’s all for free and you can see the full range of all our support materials here and order as many as you can use here or contact your Lintbells representative.

With all of that taken care of, all you need to decide on is a suitable location – the quietest consulting room where you can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere is the perfect venue. You might also find it useful to set up a client survey online asking clients to select the situations that tend to scare their dogs and also give them the option of a 15 minute telephone consult to discuss their concerns. It’s a great way to promote the service in way that’s sensitive and avoids the hard-sell.