The Pet Pod: Weight management for dogs and cats – how to help your client’s pets stay healthy

Proudly sponsored by YuMOVE, this week’s topic Dr. Zara Boland talks to Dr. Alex German, Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Liverpool and global expert in obesity. They discuss the rising number of overweight cats and dogs in the UK and explain the health problems that carrying excess weight can cause our pets. With advice on how to identify whether your cat or dog has the recommended body condition and how to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


It’s a great opportunity to promote to your clients and encourage them to tune in for expert advice. Zara also recommends using the below body scoring charts for dogs ands cats, a perfect tool that you can share on your own social media and provide to clients they can try at home with their pets.


Body Condition Charts


World Small Animal Veterinary Association – How To Video

Body Condition Scoring with Zara Boland


Puppy Growth Charts