What to do with free stock? It’s YuMOVE…

This month we have a tasty YuMOVE special offer. But what’s the best way to use all that free stock? Our retail analyst has some ideas and says it’s down to what works best for your practice…


It’s that time of year again when the signs of joint stiffness seem to become more pronounced. Some owners feel their pet becomes less mobile when it rains, while others feel that cold weather seems to a factor. Inactivity might also play a role – with pets sometimes missing their walks when their owners are put off by bad weather, causing loss of flexibility.

This month we’re offering a buy 10, get 2 free offer on YuMOVE ADVANCE for Dogs & Cats or, if you have lots of patients with stiff joints, opt for the buy 20, get 5 free offer.

Our retail analyst says there’s several ways of thinking about free stock offers and one might work better in your practice than another. Never thought about different approaches? Here’s just a few….

You could pass on the volume discount to clients – so regular users could buy 5 and get 1 free. This is not just great for compliance, it’s a reward for loyalty – and you can back that up by using our client loyalty cards. At this time of year, people are already thinking about stocking up for Christmas and that includes pet products, so this could be a good strategy right now, encouraging a few volume sales that will help you through any dip in takings during holiday periods.

For some, the free stock is sold at the usual price and the additional profit could allow the practice to pay staff bonuses or offer free CPD. Linking sales to direct rewards for team members is motivating for everyone and can help reward positive recommendations.

If you would really like to generate some fun and excitement you could also use free stock as a competition prize – a draw made from all sign ups to your new Mobility Matters Clinic, or even a regular feature on social media, such as Senior Pet of The Week. It costs the practice nothing but can encourage clients to engage and interact with the practice or services.

We’ve all heard of ‘price-drop’ promotions. That’s another alternative here. Just work out the cost saving from buying in bulk with the free stock and adjust your cost to the client during the promotional period. Like giving away free stock with bulk buys it can encourage volume sales but this strategy is also a great way to encourage new users to try the product for the first time, or even to appeal to pet owners who purchase from other retail outlets. Limit the offer to the promotional period or ‘while stocks last’ to make it time bound, which acts as a prompt to buy now, rather than next week. You might even want to let more of your client base know about this kind of offer via email so you can capture those who are buying elsewhere. Think about other incentives you can offer to keep them buying from you after they have enjoyed this special offer, such as offering a free session at the Mobility Matters Clinic with the next purchase, or after a set number of purchases.

Of course, none of this matters unless you are getting patients that can benefit through the doors. That’s why this month’s promotion is the perfect complement to our Mobility Matters campaign. Time to get everything working together seamlessly!