Your step by step guide to delegation

If you end up doing everything yourself, it’s no wonder you are exhausted. It’s time to delegate. We have a step by step guide!

  1. About to do a task? STOP!
  2. Decide whether the task CAN be delegated – is there an appropriate qualified person available to carry out the task and do they have the resources to carry it out within the desired time frame?
  3. Decide whether the task SHOULD be delegated – is there a benefit to someone else carrying out the task? Do you have more urgent or skilled work to do while someone else does the delegated work?
  4. Specify what you want the appropriate, qualified person to do – this might just be the desired outcome (what, when) or require more direction (how, where).
  5. Establish the limits of the work and signal your availability to provide support if required but don’t volunteer to take over if it’s not necessary.
  6. Ensure you are updated about progress and focus on the results achieved, recognising that different people have different ways of working.
  7. Remember to always give recognition and feedback.