YuDERM Moulting Dog

Essential Omega oils for a healthy skin & coat.
YuDERM Moulting Dog is a premium quality coat and skin supplement packed with natural essential Omega 3 and 6 oils, designed to help maintain a dog’s healthy skin and coat. The proven formula is ideal for moulting dogs, improves dog dry skin and supports coat condition – expect results in 4 -6 weeks.

  • Reduce excessive moulting
  • Nourish and soothe dry skin
  • Boost coat growth and condition

In detail


Borage Oil

Omega 6 GLA from Borage Oil, provides nutrition to hair follicles & skin replenishment cycles, helping to reduce excess moulting.


Linoleic Acid

Rich in the essential Omega 6, Linoleic Acid, YuDERM Moulting Dog helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Vitamin E

YuDERM Moulting Dog also contains the antioxidant, Vitamin E, from natural plant sources to mop up free radicals.


Golden Flax Seed

High levels of essential Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax Seed help to aid coat condition whilst balancing the Omega 6.

We carefully select the oils we use to make YuDERM Moulting Dog from Golden Flax Seed and Borage, which are known for their beneficial effects on the skin and coat.

We cold press the seeds to carefully extract the oil and then bottle immediately to maintain freshness. We do not use chemical extraction or refinement processes to obtain the oils. This maintains their natural condition, making them highly effective and naturally tasty.

Daily Recommendations

If your clients’ dog is using YuMEGA Dog for the first time, we suggest you recommend half the daily amount for the first week to allow them to get used to having something new in their diet.

YuMEGA Dog is made from fresh natural Omega 3 & 6 oils so it has a pleasant aroma and is naturally tasty.


YuMEGA Dog is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.



  • Vitamin E
  • Golden Flax oil
  • Borage oil


Nutritional additive Vitamin E 1680mg/kg


Fat content 96%
Protein 0.2%
Crude Fibre 0.1%
Crude Ash 0.1%
Omega 3 & 6 oils 65%


Is this product safe to give dogs who have/had pancreatitis?


Due to the product being in oil form, and the requirement of a low fat diet in pancreatitis cases, we would not recommend giving this to a dog who currently has or has had pancreatitis.

Can YuDERM products be given to pregnant or lactating bitches?


Not recommended in pregnant or lactating bitches

Are there any allergy concerns with the products?


YuDERM Itching Dog contains fish and salmon oil – however, the oil is filtered so much that no protein particles should remain. Use in dogs who have known allergies to these ingredients is at the discretion of the vet managing the treatment. Flax allergies in dogs are uncommon – we do not have the protein from the flax seeds, we have pure and refined oil. Additionally, the oil is processed through an extremely fine microfilter system that will exclude particles above the size known to cause allergies.

Can YuDERM products be used in dogs with heart conditions?


There are no known contraindications using these products in dogs with heart problems. There is no added salt in the YuDERM oils or Boost. The ash content where all the minerals would lie in total in the analytical constituents is <0.1%, and are therefore negligible.

What happens if a dog overconsumes, or the wrong daily amount is given?


As the products are in oil form, gastrointestinal upset may be noted. We would suggest stopping the product to allow the digestive system to recover and then gradually reintroduce. Please contact Customer Services to report this incident. Due to the zinc in YuDERM Boost, we would suggest that pet owners seek veterinary attention for treatment. To initially introduce the products into the diet, we would suggest starting on half the daily recommendation for the first week, and build up to the full amount.

Is there a shelf life?


We would suggest using the oils within 3 months of opening, to ensure the ingredients are stable.

What is the breakdown of Omega 3 and 6 in the oils?


Per 2.5ml of YuDERM Moulting Dog (amount/10kg dog/day) there is 1260mg Omega 3 and 370mg Omega 6 (min levels)